What did the 0 say to the 8? Nice Belt

Never let reality get in the way of a perfectly good theory.

- Bill Jetzer

On the Job

I have enjoyed the first month at SVA Consulting immensely and look forward to the next few years contributing to the SVAC team.

But of course, going into deep detail about my job is not something that I plan on doing at all through the blog. So what else has been going on?

Football! With my cousin Ali coming to town for a grad degree at the UW Pharm school and Amber and my pal Mallory going for a grad degree in Policy, all four of us plan on sharing the two tickets that they got. So needless to say, Ali, Amber, Mallory and I will be jumping around this fall!

I got new watches! And they were much needed. For the last year in Madison, I’ve been surviving with only two watches. A silver metallic Guess watch with a square blue face and a black metallic Armitron watch with a square blue face. I briefly had a slick minimalistically designed casual watch, but it’s glass broke… So I found an awesome deal on Jack Threads and bought four casual watches. A aviator styled watch with a brown leather strap, minimal round black face with black canvas band, slickly minimal round face with plaidly hipsterish band, and an oddly big shiny round face and white band with black dots. All will be used… except maybe that last one.

I gotta get glasses! Yeah, made the appointment and gotta get that going.

I think that’s about it… I spent some time this weekend on the below little graphic. I took various inspiration, but the faded motion W in the back is something I didn’t see at all, so that was a good idea :)

Madison Canvas