What did the 0 say to the 8? Nice Belt

Never let reality get in the way of a perfectly good theory.

- Bill Jetzer

There is new room!

So Amber and I finally got the big room in our apartment that was previously held for the last two years by our former roommate. To have this much room is an absolute blessing as we were more than a little cramped in the smaller room. We are also welcoming my cousin as the new roommate, which will certainly be an interesting experience. Interesting in a positive way of course.

So what am I doing with the new room?

A fantastically simple desk for one. I’m excited to a have my own little workstation for various computer related activities. It was always a drag to have no suitable surfaces for a computer. For the last three years that I’ve had my Macbook, I have almost exclusively worked with it laying on my chest while I’m lying down.

Along with this little desk/workstation, I’m hoping to get a large display for a multiple monitor. Of course I have a 22″ TV, but I’m afraid my g-ma is making better use of it than I could so I’ll be left to get another one. This display will also definitely have to have an HDMI for an extra Chromecast, that’s for sure.

So to share two unexpectedly awesome evenings…

A week ago, Amber and I took Penny out for a walk. Nothing special as we expected it to be a 15min walk out and about Picnic Point, but instead we just kept walkin’ and chattin’ and eventually made our way to the Memorial Union and had some brats and beer.

Two days after that, Amber get’s done working around 7:30pm and she wants to go get a bite to eat, so on a whim we make it a date night and go to D-Lux. I had the best burger I’ve had in Madison. It was damn good. So as we’re leaving, it was just the start of dusk and it was the last Concert on the Square, so we hung around to see the last few songs and it turns out to be a freakin’ light show on the walls of the Capitol. It was probably one of the coolest things I’ve seen downtown.

It’s nights like those that really make for a fun time. Something unplanned and eventful.