What did the 0 say to the 8? Nice Belt

Never let reality get in the way of a perfectly good theory.

- Bill Jetzer

It’s all in the Badgers

The 2014 Battle for Paul Bunyan’s Axe is history. I witnessed an accomplishment that makes me a proud Badger fan and all Badger fans will be proud of. From start to finish, the day was exceptional.

It started by sleeping in, of course. The game was a 2:30pm game, so no need to wake up at 7am for 11am kickoffs like games past. Got up, got prepped, donned the lucky Montee Ball jersey, and anticipated to go to the game solo. It wouldn’t be the first solo Badger game, but knowing that people were on the fence on going with various papers, events, and obligations, I knew that there was a more-than-likely chance that I would be the only one going. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case :)

Mallory (friend thru Amber) and Beth (friend thru Patricia) both texted in the morning to make arrangements to make the game. So shortly after getting ready, I left for some pre-gaming at Laurel’s Tavern with Mal.

Oblivious to the other 11am games, the conversations were all over the map on various awesome subjects, both academic and not. One of the many reasons I love hanging around with Mal. Then left to get at the gates at 1:30pm to meet up with Beth.

This was a new experience. All other Camp Randall games I’ve been to (in the student section), we were always late. Often times missing the first couple of possessions. This time? An hour early and sixth row! This means standing for a while, but I was pleasantly surprised at how well the Camp Randall atmosphere accomodates the early-comers with activity and entertainment. The giant video board definitely helps.

Game time was beyond awesome. LOUD! From the first snap to last, the crowd was exceptionally in making as much noise as possible for the Badger D. I even thought it was absurd to be as loud as we could on first and 10. But I none-the-less obliged by making my contribution to raising the decibles.

After being down 17-3, the was a definite lull in the crowd. On Wisconsin held little clapping and you could sense the growing frustration. In some small way, I think this fueled the team. It wasn’t long after when they started making the most of their possesions. Big game runs by Corey C definitely helped!

Once the Badgers grabbed the lead in the 3rd, everyone started back up with the same energy the game started with. Constant crowd participation was nothing short of amazing. It really is hard to explain how thrilling it is to be a small cog participating in everything that makes the crowd seem like one giant mass of awesome-ness!

It was the first time I stayed ’till the last tick on the clock in a Badger game. In a lot of ways, I have been fortunate to have attended blowouts. Nothing, however, can really compare to a close game of a storied rival. And… if I didn’t stick around, I would have missed the Axe! I would’ve missing Corey Clement and Melvin Gordon coming up to the crowd! I would’ve missed the little (somewhat awesomely pretentious) award ceremony that followed.

It was a real experience.

I almost hate to write anymore, but I doubt I’ll write about it later so I’ll continue with another cool thing that has happened recently.

My Jawbone Up.

I never considered those fitness bands. I think I’ve checked them out once, but saw the price and said “umm…. no.” At Target the other day, I saw one for $31. “umm… yeah!” It may be the older (not Up24) Jawbone, but it still is great to have that aspect of my life tracked. Sleeping, I kinda need it for many reasons. Steps, sure and perhaps it will lead to motivation to get in (well at least close) to the shape I was in College. I can say I’m probably stronger than I was then, but definitely lack being “fit” in more than a few ways.

Other things?

Godaddy has saved me $$ but lead to a little bit of confusion. I upgraded to Deluxe hosting instead of the many multiple hosting accounts, but before the old ones expired I tried getting my domains and data transfered… which lead to a few mistakes and a few days of having a down website. But a few ingenious moves later, had it up as if nothing happened.

I s’pose that’s it for now. ’till next time.