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Never let reality get in the way of a perfectly good theory.

- Bill Jetzer

Overture Center – Community Advisory Board

The Overture Center for the Arts in Madison, Wisconsin was built in 2004 and designed by famed architect César Pelli, also known for the Petronas Towers, the World Financial Center in Manhattan, among others. The main Overture Hall is among the largest in the Midwest along with several other stunning performance venues.

It was always a goal, while living in Madison to be associated with the Overture Center and it appears that I have my opportunity.

A few weeks ago, I had noticed that there was a call for volunteers on the Overture Center website. So in expressing my interest, I also was enlightened to the opportunity of serving on the Community Advisory Board. I had sent in my resume and explained my passion for promoting the performing arts and was invited to attend, as a guest, the upcoming Community Advisory Board meeting.

The Board meeting was a treat to say the least. Without indulging too many details, I will say that I was an active participant.

The next day, I emailed the Community Program Coordinator to express my interest in continuing my involvement.

The day after that, I received an excited reply saying “If the city does not appoint you, Overture will. So one way or another WELCOME to Overture’s Advisory Board!”

So there we have it! I will be the newest Board Member on the Overture Center for the Arts’ Community Advisory Board!

I am ultimately very thrilled, but I realize that this will come with some great responsibility. My goal is to be passionate about the organization and execution of all community focused events held by the Overture Center to help ensure the rich tradition already established can continue to grow and gain momentum.