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Never let reality get in the way of a perfectly good theory.

- Bill Jetzer

My Ode to Coffee

I am a morning coffee drinker. Every day without fail. More often than not, it’s the Keurig’s Donut Shop coffee that I have found to be tasty on a daily basis. Get up, take a shower, handle all the personal care needs, brew a Keurig cup, then sit with the morning news on the iPad and enjoy. I am really not a morning person, but after this routine, I will be fully prepared for the day.

With the relaxed weekends, I will say that I will favor my French Press (FP) over the convenient Keurig. It was the best Christmas 2014 present I received, even better than Lynda.com, which I am also particularly fond of. I find with drip/K-cup coffee that I end up creaming the hell out of it. Three little creamer cups will do. FP coffee in no way needs more than a drip of creamer. It really is the smoothest, tastiest coffee there is. The really is a richness that you wouldn’t expect coffee to have without previously experiencing French Press coffee.

The downsides to FP coffee is not the time. In fact, it really is a simple process that is not terrifically time consuming. The downside is really the inefficiency of extracting flavor. It takes an awful lot of grounds to brew a single cup. It also can be a finicky process. It takes just the right course grounds, just the right temp water, for just the right amount of time. Overlooking any one of those can turn a great cup into a terrible cup. It took me a while and several brews to get a good feel on the right process and right outcome. It was worth it. I┬ácan’t say yet that I’m a pure coffee buff with knowledge on roasts, beans, flavor, etc… quite like I can with beer, but I can appreciate an amazing cup of coffee.

Benjamin's French Press